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Is Distance Learning Right For You?

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Is Distance Learning Right for You?

Is Distance Learning Right For You?

Obtaining an accredited degree online has become easier than ever as literally thousands of colleges and universities offer a wide selection of courses and programs to choose from. However, before choosing an online university or degree program there are a few things each prospective student should consider about their own situation.

First, do you have a computer you can depend on and is your Internet Service Provider reliable? When taking an online university degree program you will typically be required to sign in on a regular basis and participate in online discussion forums in addition to submitting work through a technology platform. Computer problems can quickly cause you to fall behind and negatively impact your grade. Before enrolling into any accredited degree programs request a copy of the suggested computer and technology requirements. Most accredited online degrees will gladly provide a list of compatible computer and software requirements suggested for the program. In fact, if you need to upgrade your computer or software to meet the minimum requirements, be sure to request information about student discounts which are frequently made available to students enrolled at an accredited university.

Next, are you self motivated and disciplined? If you have a tendency towards procrastination then online learning may be challenging for you. It's important to realize that although convenient and often more flexible than traditional courses, online programs still require substantial investments of time and energy. It's highly recommended that a person who is new to the distance learning format begin slowly by taking only one or two courses to begin.

Finally, are you comfortable communicating online and using a variety of software programs? When selecting a graduate or bachelor degree program request information about training if you are not certain. A large number of schools will provide orientation courses for new student for free. It's a great way to become familiar with the technology and structure of an online course or program!



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