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Benefits of Earning a Bachelor Degree Tips

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Want to be more healthy, wealthy or wise?

Completing Your Bachelor Degree Makes You Healthy Wealthy and Wise

People are always searching for success. One of the best ways to achieve success is with a college degree. According to research these are just a few of the benefits reported by those with higher levels of education:

  • Higher incomes: People with a bachelors degree make almost a million dollars more over their lifetime than those with only a high school diploma.
  • Better benefits: Those who have earned a bachelors degree or higher are more likely to have health insurance benefits and better retirement contributions.
  • Voting. People with a college degree are more likely to vote than those without a college degree.
  • Fit and Trim. It's true. People with a college degree have been shown to exercise more often and remain thinner than those without a college degree.
  • Have fewer diseases like heart disease, smoking addiction or diabetes.
This list goes on but it's important to realize the single most important decision you may ever make for yourself and your family is the decision to complete an online bachelors degree. It's a personal decision that requires an honest appraisal but here are a few questions to consider:

  • Do you enjoy your career? Do you even have a career or just a “job”?
  • Is your life balanced between work and personal interests?
  • Are your needs met in the event of a health crisis? Do you have adequate insurance and other benefits?
  • Does your work invigorate you or leave you exhausted at the end of the day?
  • Do you have the personal prestige and recognition you deserve?
Obtaining or completing an online university degree is easier than ever thanks to technology and the benefits of going to college last a lifetime.

Is lack of education keeping you from the life you love?

An Online University Degree Increases Personal and Professional Mobility

Most people recognize the benefits of college education when it comes to increased earning potential but few people consider an additional benefit that is rarely recognized: Increased personal and professional mobility. With a global workforce and ever expanding boundaries, mobility is a critical key to success!

A 1998 report published by the Institute for Higher Education Policy found college graduates enjoy increased personal and professional mobility in addition to higher levels of savings and greater incomes. One of the primary benefits of a college degree is the ability to take advantage of opportunities for promotion or higher levels of authority as ones experience and on the job training increase. Many employees with only a high school diploma find they are not able to compete for promotions or positions outside of their current company as they are less qualified than the overall pool of applicants.

This is a particularly important concern in two-income households. It's not uncommon to discover the earning potential of one party may be significantly decreased if forced to relocate for the other spouse to take a new position. Today more than ever mobility is an important lifestyle decision for married couples especially when it comes time to raise children, care for aging parents or simply live in the town or location of their dreams.

When evaluating the benefits of earning a bachelors degree consider the long term consequences for your job and lifestyle. Do you live the town you would like to live in? What happens if you need to move to care for family? Will you and your spouse remain competitive? Take a realistic inventory of your strengths and areas in need of improvement in order to determine the value of obtaining a college degree to your individual situation.

What is the lifetime value of earning an online college degree?

The Lifetime Value of Earning an Online Bachelors Degree

The decision to earn a college degree requires an extensive investment of both time and money so it's easy to understand why people want to weigh the benefits of going to college against the alternatives. It's a long term commitment that requires considerable dedication. So, it is really worth it?

Earning an online bachelors degree is one of the smartest investments a person can make. In fact, according to the Census Bureau, the average adult with a high school diploma can expect to earn an average of $1.2 million while someone with a bachelors degree will earn $2.1 million (Day and Newburger, 2002). The financial benefits of a college degree are substantial and reflect more than just salary. Retirement benefits are generally higher since college educated employees tend to contribute more toward retirement accounts in addition to having higher salaries. Unemployment is also lower since better qualified employees tend to find work faster than less qualified workers. Combined it translates to greater savings and benefits throughout ones career and into retirement.

The benefits of higher education don't stop with salary or saving for retirement. By earning an online bachelors degree most employees become eligible for promotions that reflect their full aptitude and interest areas. A 1998 report published by the Institute for Higher Education Policy found an overall report of improved quality of life associated with higher levels of education, better health and enhanced relationships.

When considering whether or not to pursue an online bachelors degree be sure to compare the full lifetime earning potential with associated quality of life and retirement benefits.

What can I do with a bachelors degree?

Bachelor Degree Jobs You Probably Never Considered

“What can I do with a bachelors degree?” is a common question especially for those weighing the benefits of a college degree against the time and cost of obtaining a degree or for new graduates who are unsure whether or not they are prepared to enter the job market. The good news is there are many jobs you may not have ever considered.

Technology has provided more avenues than ever for those with skill in a specific area who are able to effectively communicate in an online format. For those who acquired a degree online it's a natural choice to use the same skills to communicate beyond the classroom. Look for titles like Blogger, Moderator or Content Producer for out of the ordinary opportunities to put your bachelors degree to work via the Internet.

Other possibilities include teaching leisure or adult and continuing education courses with your local technical college. Teaching has the added benefit of refining your public speaking skills while building a solid and respectable reputation in your local community.

Finally consider consulting, lecturing or writing about the topic of interest. It helps build your credentials and provides an impressive foundation to build your reputation upon.

Are you setting the right example for your children when it comes to learning?

An Online University Degree: A Legacy for Your Children

When contemplating the benefits of higher education most people think of salary or success but few people consider it in terms of a legacy for your children. After all, a college degree is an individual commitment. Yet research conducted by Cohn and Geske found "parental schooling levels (after controlling for differences in earnings) are positively correlated with the health status of their children". They also found that highly educated women tend to spend more time with their children and that the children themselves are better prepared. (Cohn and Geske,1992).

The benefits of going to college don't end there! Research by the Department of Education indicates children of college graduates are more likely to attend college themselves thereby reaping the same benefits and rewards of increased salary, decreased unemployment, upward mobility and healthier lives.

Clearly the benefits of going to college and obtaining your bachelors degree have dramatic impact on not only your life but the lives of your children and even grandchildren! Earning an online bachelors degree can increase the health and happiness of your children while setting an example for them to follow. Leave the legacy of learning to those you love!

Is an online degree your ticket to networking success?

Networking and Professional Growth Enhanced by Obtaining an Online University Degree

One of the less obvious benefits of earning an online college degree is the ability to meet people that you would otherwise never have met. Let's face it, most of the day is spent shuffling between work and home. It can be difficult to expand your network or circle of influence whether for personal or professional growth.

One way to do both simultaneously is while pursuing an online university degree. The very nature of online learning creates an atmosphere of sharing among people with distinct circles of influence. Online learning is similar in nature to a traditional classroom in that you tend to meet people and share ideas during the process of discussion and project development. It's a great way to learn about different opportunities and insight into careers you may have never considered.

Another important tip is to treat the course in a manner similar to a job: It's a major investment so treat it like one! People will notice how you communicate, your level of participation and your general style of contribution. Cultivate these relationships by being responsive and professional.

Take the opportunity to meet people or learn more about a potential employer by using your homework as an ice-breaker or introduction. From interviews to internships most companies and professionals are more than happy to share their knowledge with you. It's a great way to make an impression or just learn from others. Earn more than a bachelors degree online by creating professional networking and personal growth opportunities that can last a lifetime.

Is your job rewarding and profitable? What can I do with a bachelors degree?

Personal Enrichment and Profitable Rewards of Earning an Online Bachelors Degree

The U.S. Department of Labor and Census reports the median annual income for a person with only a high school diploma is roughly $28,000 versus $51,000 for a person who has earned a bachelors degree. Those without a high school diploma earned an average of only $19,169. If that wasn't enough to convince you of the benefit of earning an online bachelors degree then consider this: you are more likely to remain employed or find a job faster if you do become unemployed. But wait, the benefits don't stop there!

It is estimated that more than 14 million entry level job openings will be filled by workers with bachelor's or graduate degrees by the year 2012 in all types of fields across the United States including some of the most innovative and creative careers available today. Take a look at these popular degree choices offered by Penn State University:

  • Online Associate Degree in Business Administration
  • Online Associate Degree in Information Sciences and Technology (IST)
  • Online Associate in Hotel, Restaurant, Institutional Management
  • Online Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice
  • Online Bachelor's Degree in Organizational Leadership
  • Online Bachelor's Degree in Nursing
  • Online Bachelor's Degree in Letters, Arts, and Sciences
  • Online Master's Degree in Business Administration (MBA)
  • Online Master's Degree in Project Management
  • Online Master's Degree in Homeland Security
  • Online Master's Degree in Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Online Master's Degree in Adult Education
  • Online Master's Degree in Teacher Leadership
  • Online Master's Degree in Children's Literature
  • Online Master's Degree in Educational Technology
Obtaining an online bachelors degree results in more than mere money; it allows you to create the lifestyle you have always wanted for yourself and your family. Personal enrichment and the satisfaction of building a better future are just some of the benefits of higher education waiting for you. Take the time to reflect on your personal and professional goals. If you are not sure what you would like to do then begin by making a list of those things you are enjoy doing. Equally important is to recognize those things you don't like to do. Then use that list to explore possible career choices with an academic advisor who will be able to provide information on job trends, earning potential, degree requirements and much more.

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