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Online Degree Students Tips

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How can a fulltime professional earn a degree without leaving his/her job?

Distance Learning In The Corporate World

It is estimated that corporations spend over $60 billion a year on distance learning for their employees. Employees are the company's greatest investment, and employers can help retain and promote their staff by investing in their education. Most large corporations will contribute to a higher education program. Online degree programs are especially desirable to corporate employees because they can learn at their own pace without having to cut back hours or quitting. Corporate e-learning is done at the worker's pace after work hours. It's a good idea to check with your human resources or benefits department to find out more information about financial assistance toward an online degree.

Where can I find discount textbooks?

Buying Discount Textbooks

Textbooks can be outrageously expensive and when taking a campus course, the local bookstores seem to gouge prices for their captive audience. However, when you attend class online, there are many options available for textbook purchases. Online shopping can turn up some good deals, especially if you look in advance at large auction sites. Also, try local used bookstores near college campuses. You might find another student who previously took the class and can sell you his/her textbook. Check listservs and chatrooms to get in contact with other students.

Why should I finish my bachelor degree?

Degree for Life

Unsure what effect a college degree will have on your life? Although only 60% of high school seniors move onto college the following year, the ones who do finish a degree see great rewards. The average fulltime worker with only a high school diploma earns approximately $30,400. Compare that with the average bachelor degree recipient, who earns approximately $52,000. That is a significant pay raise, especially if you consider that an online bachelor program can be finished in as soon as two or three years.

Can I be exempt from some classes?

Course Exemptions

Many universities have opportunities for students to “test out” of classes. If you have previous work experience or special training that makes you proficient in certain studies, you may not have to take certain courses for those studies. Tests can be given to ensure you are already skillful in that area and the corresponding credit hours will be counted toward your bachelor degree. Military personnel and police officers are most likely to test out of certain classes, but each request is considered by academic advisors on a case-by-case basis.

How can a house wife find time to earn a degree?

The Educated Home

Stay-at-home moms and dads already work a 24-hour shift and hardly have time to complete personal goals. If finishing a bachelor degree is one of those goals, an online program is great for the modern house wife or husband. Online courses can be taken at night or on weekends. Coursework can be done during your child's naptime or after bedtime. If you plan to go back to work when the kids go back to school, earning credits toward a degree or enrolling in an online degree program will keep you educated and informed about the changes in your career industry.

How hard is it to return to college after several years away?

Returning to College

In today's job market, you can't afford not to get a degree. Upon reaching a certain stature within a company, personal experience can only go so far when compared to a colleague who has a college degree. When considering whether or not you want to brave college again, distance learning is an admirable option. An online degree can be obtained on your own time and offer the same programs and structures as on-campus classes. If you think you will have trouble catching up again with college coursework, speak with the college's advisors.

What should I know about writing my college admissions essay?

Writing Your Admissions Essay

Just because you are attending an online university doesn't mean you are exempt from the age-old admissions essay. Don't sweat it - write about the subject you know best: yourself.
What makes you who you are? Any interesting hobbies or goals? Introduce yourself in a professional, yet conversational manner. This will help you demonstrate your intelligence as well as your individuality.
Make your essay stand out from the rest with a few fun facts. Keep the font and paper a professional standard and always proofread for errors.

Can I transfer credits to an online university?

Online Transfer Students

If you have previously attended a university but have not completed a bachelor degree, you may be able to transfer your credit hours into an online degree program. With a number of hours already behind you, the online degree may take less time than it would if you finished on campus. Transfer students should contact the online school's academic advisor to find out which program is right and how many hours will count toward the degree. Credit hours are best transferred between recognized, accredited universities.

Is online learning right for me?

Is Online Learning Right For You?

When considering an online education, you might wonder if you're the typical student who earns an online bachelors degree. Ask yourself the following questions to determine if online learning is right for you:

*Do you need these courses for a job or are you taking them out of recreation?
*Would you miss being part of a classroom community?
*Does classroom discussion greatly aid your learning?
*Do you need to work on courses at your own pace and on your own schedule?
*Do you have obligations such as family, career or military that makes it hard to take campus courses?

If other obligations hinder the ability to attend on-campus classes, an online bachelor degree could be the right fit for your education.

Is online learning a good choice for those in the military?

Military Students

If you are currently serving in the military but would like to receive a bachelor degree, an online program might be the ideal situation. Participating in online programs enables you to work remotely from any location with Internet access.
Before you sign up for a course, do your research. There are many financial and educational benefits for active military personnel that will aid in the completion of your program. Contact a financial aid officer or speak with your ROTC counselor for more details regarding assistance.

What is the easiest way for a disabled student to attend college?

Students With Disabilities

Students with disabilities can achieve their learning potential with online degree programs. With online learning, one can take classes whenever convenient and there is no need to leave the house or commute to a school. Those with learning disabilities will no longer have to fall behind others in class, and can follow the online program at their own pace. If a student is wheelchair bound or suffers from mobility impairments, online courses can be taken from the house or nearest accessible Internet station. Handicap individuals will not have to worry about moving across campus or finding handicap accessible parking/entrances. A degree can be earned from the comfort and familiarity of home.

Isn't taking classes online lonely?

Virtual Classmates

Just because you're not in a large classroom with dozens of students doesn't mean you can't make friends in your online classes. In fact, making friends can enhance your online education student experience. While earning your online bachelor degree, you will probably have the opportunity to:

*Attend synchronous classes with other online bachelor degree students

*Participate in instructor-led chat rooms

*Join a listserv

*Discuss coursework with a respected member of faculty

*Seek counsel from career and academic services

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