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Bachelor Degrees in Law Tips

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What should I do after I obtain a bachelor of legal studies?

Graduating to Law School

Law school is considered to be a post-graduate program and is usually preceded by an undergraduate degree, such as an online bachelors degree in legal studies. Obtaining an online bachelor degree from a university that is accredited by the American Bar Association will increase your chance of being accepted into a law school. Also, a high GPA will help you in your pursuits. By interning at a law firm, you will gain practical work experience that admissions panels like to see in law student applicants.

What is a bachelor of paralegal studies?

Bachelor Of Paralegal Studies

A bachelor of paralegal studies is a four-year undergraduate degree that prepares one to become an assistant to a licensed attorney. There are many duties for a paralegal and knowledge of the law is an absolute requirement. If you are looking to acheive both; work experience and a degree, an online bachelors degree may be the right path for you.

Why should I attend an accredited school?

Accredited Schools

Seeking an online bachelor program in legal studies can be difficult, given the myriad of choices. To help narrow your search, only look into schools that have been accredited by the American Bar Association. That accreditation tells potential employers that you have been trained to comply with the most recent legal guidelines. With that assurance, you will become a more precious commodity to hiring agencies.

What kind of work do paralegals do?

Playing Detective

Legal analysts and paralegals are often called upon to conduct investigations. These investigations, usually performed by attorneys, can be quite involved and difficult. Duties include extensive research, report analysis, interviewing, and development of theories. The work environment is very high pressure as an investigator. One should be able to spar with others in a combative manner, make strict deadlines, and attend many back-to-back meetings.

Earning a law degree can help you prepare for this type of career, or if you're already employed and wanting additional coursework or certificates, you might find that an online degree will be convenient.

What kind of work is involved with legal research?

Legal Research

Legal research will be conducted in droves during your bachelor degree in legal studies. With the popularity of the Internet becoming a fast research tool, obtaining your online degree will be simplified by having the Internet right at your fingertips during class. Legal research is the process of acquiring and analyzing information that assists in supporting legal decisions. Some students will be surprised to find how many hours must be spent in libraries, scanning reports, books and microfiche. Not only must hours be spent looking for information, you must be able to understand it, analyze it, and present it in detailed account. Legal research is the most time-consuming part of practicing law and many attorneys are all too happy to pass it along to their assistants.

What kind of a person starts a career in legal studies?

Is A Career In Legal Studies Meant For You?

If you are planning on obtaining an online bachelor degree in legal studies, you may want to consider whether the program is right for you. Yes, the industry can be lucrative and the job market is in high demand of paralegals, but the work is quite involved. Before enrolling, ask yourself the following questions:

*Are you an organized person?

*Do you have a keen eye for detail?

*Can you retain a large amount of knowledge?

*Will you be able to comprehend large, data-filled legal documents?

*How do you perform under pressure?

*Are you easily intimidated by the court system?

What is a career like for a paralegal?

A Career As A Paralegal

A paralegal is someone who trains and works under a licensed attorney as an assistant. The duties of a paralegal include interviewing clients, conducting research, and drafting legal documents. A paralegal cannot, however, act as a legal advocate or give clients legal advice. It can be a lucrative position and one that is more easily obtained than that of an attorney. Although it isn't legally required for a paralegal to be certified, employers do prefer candidates that are. A bachelor degree in paralegal studies can be obtained, as well.

What kind of courses will I have in a legal studies program?

Online Courses In Legal Studies

Studying the law can be done online with various Internet bachelor degree programs. Although a bachelor degree is typically a four-year program, an online bachelor degree can be finished in as little as two or three years. Diligent work and putting in some overtime will really pay off in the long run. Typical online courses in legal studies include:

*Introduction To Law

*Civil Litigation

*Family Law

*Law Office Management

*Legal Ethics

*Report Writing

*Contract Law

What kind of career can I start with a degree in legal studies?

Find A Corporate Position

The current average starting salary for a legal assistant is $37,000. However, that amount can be significantly higher for a legal assistant who works in a corporate legal department. The legal department of a corporation is privately hired and employed by wealthy organizations and board members. Upon graduating from an online bachelor program in legal studies, speak with a career advisor about job placement in a corporate setting.

What kind of career opportunities will I have with an online degree in legal studies?

Career Opportunities

Graduates of an online bachelor degree in legal studies will find many career opportunities. Employers from various industries need assistants who can draft and analyze legal documents, as well as research and prepare reports. Places that are hiring graduates of a legal studies program include: law firms, corporate legal departments, government agencies, and insurance agencies. Compensation and benefits from these employers can be quite lucrative.

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