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Online Bachelor Degrees in Business Tips

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What can I expect to learn while obtaining a bachelor’s degree in business administration?

Understanding a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration

While obtaining a bachelor's degree in business administration, the student is prepared for a career in business through coursework related to management, marketing, finance and statistics. Armed with the knowledge obtained during the completion of this degree, the graduate has the ability to understand business theories, is well equipped to manage a group of subordinates and learns to understand international business concepts. Additionally, the students also learn to analyze data and make decisions more efficiently and effectively.

What are the requirements for a finance degree?

Finance Degree Requirements

Most finance degree requirements include courses that relate to business, but with an emphasis (usually at least 24 credit hours) in courses related to finance. These finance related courses may cover topics such as accounting, investing, management information systems, taxation and international financial management. Students are usually able to select these elective courses according to their preferences but should consult with an advisor to ensure the courses they select will enable them to complete the requirements for obtaining a business degree with a concentration in finance.

How can I network with fellow students if I am taking courses online?

Business Networking Online

“It's not what you know, it's who you know.” It isn't just an old cliché, it is also a mantra that all business majors have etched into their brains. But if you're not face-to-face with a potential client or business partner, networking can be tricky. A good way to start networking online is by taking courses online. Do any of your classes have listservs or chat room discussions? Meet colleagues there and arrange to start an online study group. If your online university also has a physical campus near you, see if there are any academic clubs to join that are related to your field of study. Career services may be of use to you for networking and once you graduate, there is always the trusted alumni organization.

Should I have a focus for my online bachelor degree?

Focusing Your Major

Many schools allow students to narrow the focus of their bachelor in business degree. The most common areas of focus are marketing, finance, and accounting. Students can also combine an online bachelor degree in business with another online major to achieve a dual-degree. Many students are choosing to go the route of a double major and as a result, the average college graduate is spending up to two years longer in school. Ask your academic advisor about a double major program. Although they require more work, it could open some more doors for you when you graduate.

What will I learn from a business degree?

What Will You Learn From An Online Business Degree?

The basic requirements for an online bachelor degree in business cover a variety of areas including accounting, finance, marketing, advertising, sales and entreprenership. A main focus of the business degree is on teaching real-world skills for the modern professional. Commonly required courses include:


Business Economics

Financial Management

International Business


Human Resource Management

Information Systems

Real Estate

What kind of degree applies to the most fields of work?

A Business Degree Is All Purpose

A bachelor degree in business administration, or B.B.A., is a common degree among entry-level college students and budding entrepreneurs, as it prepares students for a variety of business environments and opportunities. Online programs and/or night classes on campus are a great option for those already employed and seeking additional growth within a company. A bachelor degree in business degree offers additional preparation for a post-graduate degree, which also greatly increases earning potential and career growth.

What kind of courses will I take when majoring in organizational leadership?

Online Courses in Organizational Leadership

Organizational leadership is a major for bachelor degree students that prepares them for management in a modern business world. Online courses in organizational leadership are available from accredited universities and cover such topics as:

*Conflict resolution

*Information technology

*Business Ethics


*Policy Making

*Collective Bargaining


Obtaining an organizational leadership bachelor degree online allows professionals the flexibility to apply workday situations to evening classes with other students.

Who deems a business school "accredited"?

Business School Accreditation

Receiving a degree from an accredited university or college, whether on campus or through an online degree, guarantees students the best education for their time and money. An online bachelor degree from an accredited business school will open more doors in the workplace and post-graduate degree programs. Also, many schools will not allow credit transfers from non-accredited schools. There are several prestigious accreditation agencies including the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) International. Other top organizations include the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) and the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC).

How long does it take to earn a business degree online?

A Good Education In Less Time

Online business degrees are available from accredited universities and require the same work and effort as degrees obtained on-campus degrees. An online bachelor degree in business can be obtained through an online university in anywhere from two to four years. An online business degree can be obtained by working professionals, stay-at-home parents, or those seeking an additional degree. Obtaining an online business degree allows the added convenience of “attending” class whenever the student feels like it, which can include nights and weekends.

What type of career can I have with an accounting degree?

Careers for Graduates with a Bachelor Degree in Accounting

A bachelor degree in accounting prepared graduates for a wide variety of career options. They may find career options available to them in the private sector, in the government or in non-profit organizations as all of these business models require accounting services. Specifically, graduates with a degree in accounting are often qualified to work in financial accounting, financial planning and analysis, financial consulting, federal and state taxation and internal auditing.

What options are available to me if I want to pursue a bachelor’s degree in marketing?

Options for Obtaining a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing

A bachelor's degree in marketing may be available in some degree programs but it is not nearly as versatile as a bachelor's degree in business with a concentration in marketing. In pursuing this type of degree, the student makes himself markedly more appealing to potential employers. This is because the degree in business will enable the student to acquire a wealth of skills which will be very useful in the workplace.

While obtaining this type of degree students will take a myriad of courses aimed at assisting the student in better understanding the relationship between a company and its customers. Some of these classes may include courses related to consumer behavior, marketing research and advertising.

What are some of the classes typically required to obtain a bachelor degree in business?

Typically Bachelor Degree in Business Curriculum

Obtaining a bachelor degree in business will typically require the completion of core courses as well as the completion of courses related to the student's concentration. Core courses may relate to subjects such as corporate finance, marketing, business statistics, process and operations management, managing information systems, professional research and writing, leadership and ethics. These series of classes are typically taken early in pursuit of the degree and are applicable to students pursuing any concentration.

After the completion of core courses, students typically take courses which relate specifically to their concentration or specialized path of study. Examples of areas of concentration in the pursuit of a business degree may include, but are not limited to, general business management, security management or health care management. In each of these concentrations, the students will take courses designed to focus on a particular niche of the field of business.

Why should I take online courses in business?

Reasons to Take Online Courses in Business

There are a variety of worthwhile reasons to take online courses in business. Those in a management position find that participation in these courses help them out by making them better equipped to handle problems that may arise within the company. Armed with this knowledge, the individual can not only provide better leadership but also contribute to the profitability of the company.

Employees who are seeking promotions and career development opportunities may also find taking online courses in business can be beneficial to their business careers. These employees may either be seeking a degree in business for career advancement or may be simply hoping to learn more about business in an attempt to become more valuable to the company. Regardless of the employee's intention, the knowledge gained from these courses will make the employee more valuable to the company.

Employees who are taking online courses in business may find their company offers some form of tuition assistance. This assistance may vary from the company paying for the courses entirely to paying only a percentage of the fee after the employee completes the course with a specified grade. Inquiring about tuition assistance before registering for a course is recommended.

What kind of post-graduate degree does an online bachelor in business prepare a person for?

Online MBA Programs

A Master's of Business Administration (MBA) is often considered to be the “all-purpose graduate degree”. MBA classes and courework prepare students for advanced levels in the corporate world. Achieving your MBA is now even easier with a multitude of online program offerings from accredited universities and colleges. Working towards your MBA online allows the student to decide schedules, making it easy to balance work, family, and school.
Statistics show that those who finish an MBA after receiving a bachelor degree see a 56% increase in salary. There are many online programs available, which cater to the schedules of working professionals and family-oriented people.

What kind of degree will prepare me for the future of business?

The Business of Technology

As most businesses are moving their platforms online and reaching a new audience via the Internet, an online bachelor degree in business will require courses in information systems and basic business technology. Having a basic understanding of the Internet, HTML language and computer capability can help differeniate you from another job candidate. As more US-based companies outsource employees to other countries, technology becomes essential in business management particularly when dealing with associates and clients in foreign countries.

What kind of business degree can I obtain online?

Professional Management Edu

Some people are born leaders, others are proven professionals. Whether you're a manager in training or a true leader of the pack, an online degree in organizational leadership can help enhance your career. Corporate management is an attainable career goal and can be boosted with a degree a bachelor of science in organizational leadership. This online degree can help build employee/employer relationships, and establish credibility among colleagues. Online degree programs, such as a B.S. in organizational science, are available to students through most accredited universities.

What kind of computer equipment is required of me for online coursework?

Computer Requirements For Online Coursework

Before enrolling in an online bachelor degree program, make sure your computer and home space is set up properly. Some online courses require more advanced software, but the fundamentals are simply an e-mail address and Internet access. It may be advantageous for you to purchase high-speed Internet and invest in the latest Internet program through upgrades or downloads to your computer. Although many schools offer a homepage with an option for those with slower connections, you may want to contact your school's IT helpdesk before you bank on that.

Will I have to cut back on my work hours to attend college?

Business Degrees For Businessmen

Many universities offer online evening courses toward online bachelor degree programs for the current professional. Job candidates with business degrees are in high demand and with online classes and distance education, classwork can be done at any time in the day. Many professionals graduate with their online bachelor degree within four years of starting the program, and are able to apply to coursework to professional work, and vice versa. Even post-graduate degrees are available online, which a bachelor program will prepare you for.

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