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Online Bachelor Degrees in Teaching Tips

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Should I obtain a bachelor degree in education online?

Good Candidates for Obtaining a Bachelor Degree in Education Online

It is possible to obtain a bachelor degree in education online. However, this type of distance learning is not ideal for all students. In general, there are some characteristics which make a student ideal for the distance learning model. Some of these qualities include:

  • Highly self motivated
  • Do not require a great deal of interaction with professors or other students
  • Use computers confidently
  • Do not procrastinate
  • Learn well through reading assignments and visual demonstrations
  • Have ample time to develop to coursework
Similarly, students who rely heavily on interaction with other students and the professor as part of the learning process will likely find distance learning to be quite difficult. Also, students who do not have a great deal of free time to dedicate to coursework may be better suited for a more traditional learning experience.

What type of courses will I take if I pursue a degree in education for adults?

Curriculum Requirements for Degrees in Education for Adults

Graduates who have degrees in education and specialize in adult education face some unique concerns. Specifically, concepts such as distance learning and continuing education are very common factors in adult education and not very common in childhood education. Additionally, these educators must also complete coursework relevant to methods for evaluating adult learners. This is important because the learning process can be different for adults and therefore the teachers tasked with educating these adults need methods of determining the level of proficiency in their adult students.

What are some applications of an education degree besides teaching?

Requirements for Creative Degrees in Education

Although the teaching profession can be quite interesting and challenging, and typically requires a great deal of creativity, those who are looking for even more creative applications of degrees in education may consider authoring and illustrating books for children. Students interested in this type of career may obtain a degree in children's literature. Obtaining this type of degree will require taking courses such as folklore and myths, fantasy literature, learning processes and the art of picture books. In completing these courses, the authors and illustrators learn how to create books for children which are enjoyable but also serve as learning tools.

What type of career can I have with a degree in early childhood education?

Career Option for Graduates with Early Childhood Education Degrees

Early childhood education degrees in children's literature can help educators to foster a love of reading in young children. Graduates with this type of degree may wish to pursue career options such as working as a teacher, librarian, children's author or illustrator of children's books. Each of these careers can have an impact on helping children to understand the joy of reading. Teachers and librarians work to promote reading in young children while authors and illustrators work to create books which will not only be enjoyed by children but will promote intellectual growth.

Are there any online degree options for those in the field of adult education?

Online Education Degrees for Those Involved in Adult Education

Those who work in the field of adult education most likely have at least an undergraduate degree in education. However, these educators can find additional options for online education degrees which can prepare them to better instruct their students. A Masters of Education in Adult Education is just one example of a degree program which can help to further the career of these individuals.

The field of adult education is considered to be a specialized component of the education industry. Those who work in this field may find the pursuit of a higher level degree provides them with a wealth of information related to continuing education, distance learning, and adult basic education. These components are of particular interest to adult students and educators who make an effort to learn more about these aspects of education provide better service to their students.

What is a bachelor of education?

The Bachelor of Education Degree

A bachelor of education (BEd) is an undergraduate degree that qualifies someone to become a school teacher and can be earned either online or in class. Usually, there are two years of intensive pedagogy study (the science of teaching) after a more general study is complete. There are many different styles of pedagogy, depending on the personality of the teacher and the level at which the teacher is working. Specialized focuses within the bachelor of education - online or in class- include primary/secondary school, children with disabilities, and physical education.

What kind of time must I invest in an online degree program?

Time Invested In An Online Bachelor Degree

An online bachelor degree can be earned as quickly or as slowly as you can finish your required credit hours. For some, only a part-time schedule is feasible. However, for those who work diligently and can put in extra hours, an online bachelor degree could only take two or three years. Given you are 18 when you graduate high school, you could become a certified teacher at the young age of 20. Online degrees are perfectly designed for the older student and the returning student, as well. Older students may be in a bigger rush to complete a degree and get their foot in the door. No matter how long the degree takes, you will see that the time invested in an online bachelors degree has been well worth it.

What kind of career opportunites are available to education graduates?

Career Opportunities For Education Graduates

With a bachelor of education, you will have many career choices. The most obvious, of course, is to pass a certification exam and become a primary or secondary teacher. However, a bachelor of education also prepares you for a post-graduate degree. With a Master's or PhD in education, the sky is really the limit. Higher education could be a focus for you and you could ultimately become a college professor. Those who majored in education and minored in physical education can have a career as a coach or director of a recreation center. Other fields for education graduates include government and social work.

What are the benefits of a teaching career?

The Benefits Of A Teaching Career

Because of the shortage of teachers in America over the last decade, many schools are offering more incentives to teach. The average salary of a public school teacher has improved in recent years, increasing up to 2% with each year. Working as a teacher has other benefits, such as public holidays and three months off in the summer (permitted the school system hasn't adopted a year-round program). Also, it will give you a chance to be creative and after your student teaching and first year is over, you will have lots of room to experiment. The best part of being a teacher, as many will tell you, is making a difference in people's lives. As a teacher, you will have the opportunity to shape and broaden young minds, and you can earn a teaching degree and its certifications through online programs.

How do I become a certified teacher?

Becoming A Certified Teacher

There are several different routes to take in becoming a certified teacher. The most traditional way is by earning a bachelor of education and testing for a certificate. However, teaching certifications are different in every state. You will have to find the specifics of your particular state in regard to the breakdown of requirements. Ask your university's academic advisor in the education department for more information.

What kind of support will I get for my online degree?

Online Degree Support

Your online university should provide 24-hour technical online degree support, should you come across any problems. The purpose of the online education is to provide easy, user-friendly access to busy people. Given that, it is a big priority for your university to assist you in any way. Look on their official site for some troubleshooting advice or contact their support team via a toll free phone number or email. For academic or career support, there are advisory counselors for that, too. If you have any questions about a particular assignment, contact your professor.

What should I look for in an online university?

What To Look For In An Online University

There are certain qualities of an online university that are important. First, you want to make sure the school offers an accredited online bachelors degree. Accreditation means a lot of things, namely that you will be provided with a solid education, respected instructors, and a financial aid program. You will also want an online university that offers degrees in your desired field of study. Certain colleges focus on specific degrees, such as a bachelor of education. If you are interested in taking strictly online courses or taking both online and campus courses, you should inquire within the school on that as well. Contacting an admissions counselor will give you more insight on the qualities of the online university.

What type of education do I need to become a supervisor in my school?

Curriculum for Education Degree Programs for Teacher Leadership

Education degree programs focused on teacher leadership prepare educators to take on supervisor roles within the school system. This is a graduate level degree which requires completion of coursework in instructional supervision, curriculum design and designing programs for staff development. These students may already be highly skilled teachers but do not necessarily have the skills required to oversee a group of fellow teachers. By obtaining this higher level degree, the teacher prepares himself for supervisor roles which may not only be more financially rewarding but may also have a greater impact on the function of the school system.

Are there any reasons why I should consider obtaining a graduate teacher’s degree?

Reasons to Obtain a Graduate Teacher's Degree

A graduate teacher's degree, also referred to as a master of education, can be very worthwhile for graduates who are already working as teachers. These degrees can often be obtained while the teacher is working full-time and provide a variety of benefits to the teacher. Although this type of degree is not required for many teaching positions, it can be appealing to many potential employers. The appeal of this type of degree is in hiring or promoting a teach who has taking coursework designed to refine his classroom teaching skills and foster leadership skills

Why should a school be accredited?

The Importance of Accreditation

Universities that are accredited have received a stamp of approval from third-party agencies and can be trusted by potential students to provide a quality education. In order for a college to become accredited they must:

Demonstrate quality relationships between faculty and students

Offer a well-rounded list of courses to cover the core curriculum

Work toward a mission statement that inspires

Provide students with a respected faculty of instructors

Produce graduates that carry out successful career goals

In addition to an accredited college bringing students the best education, credits are easier to transfer from one accredited online bachelors degree program to the next. Before enrolling in online courses, make sure that the college has accreditations behind its name.

What are the typical courses for a bachelor of education?

Bachelor of Education Courses

The beginning portion of your online bachelor degree studies in education will be comprised of general courses, such as application of instruction, exploring teaching, and human growth and development. However, depending on which endorsements you are seeking, the second half of the bachelor of education will be focused on an area of instruction. Those areas could include: English as a second language (ESL), early childhood, physical education, children with disabilities, primary school, and secondary school. It is possible to be trained in more than one endorsement, but it will require more credit hours and training on your part.

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