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It's the Little Things that Count when Choosing an Online Bachelors Degree Program

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How can you determine the extent of support and services to be expected from your online degree program?

It's the Little Things that Count when Choosing an Online Bachelors Degree Program

Online education is flexible, convenient and a great investment. Today more than ever it is possible to obtain a prestigious university degree from top ranked colleges and universities like Penn State, University of Florida or even Harvard without leaving your home. In fact, many programs provide transcripts and diplomas that are indistinguishable from those earned in the traditional format. But all colleges are not equal and much of the difference hinges upon the support and services provided.

It is important to determine the extent of support and services you can expect. What is available and how can you access it?

A reputable online university degree program like that of Penn State's World Campus provides a variety of technical assistance programs ranging from Academic Advisement to Technical Assistance and career placement. An online degree program should not be an inferior degree in any way shape or form. If the program you are interested in doesn't provide the same level of services as found on a traditional campus then you should keep searching for a program that supplies all of your needs.

At a minimum here is what you should expect:

  • Admissions counselors to show you how to choose a college major or assist you in selecting the program that will best meet your personal and academic goals.
  • Career Services to assist in finding employment, internships and networking opportunities.
  • Online access to library resources to assist in research and study related information.
  • Financial Aid advisors and counseling to inform you about scholarships, loans or other aid opportunities.
  • Student Records and advisement counselors who provide help with the administrative aspects of your courses (e.g., lesson tracking, exam requests, dropping a course, recording grades)
  • Technical Support for assistance with computer and software issues, online tutorials, and training resources.



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