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An Online University Degree: A Legacy for Your Children

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Are you setting the right example for your children when it comes to learning?

An Online University Degree: A Legacy for Your Children

When contemplating the benefits of higher education most people think of salary or success but few people consider it in terms of a legacy for your children. After all, a college degree is an individual commitment. Yet research conducted by Cohn and Geske found "parental schooling levels (after controlling for differences in earnings) are positively correlated with the health status of their children". They also found that highly educated women tend to spend more time with their children and that the children themselves are better prepared. (Cohn and Geske,1992).

The benefits of going to college don't end there! Research by the Department of Education indicates children of college graduates are more likely to attend college themselves thereby reaping the same benefits and rewards of increased salary, decreased unemployment, upward mobility and healthier lives.

Clearly the benefits of going to college and obtaining your bachelors degree have dramatic impact on not only your life but the lives of your children and even grandchildren! Earning an online bachelors degree can increase the health and happiness of your children while setting an example for them to follow. Leave the legacy of learning to those you love!



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