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Timing an Online Bachelors Degree Program

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Does it matter what online classes I take and when?

Timing an Online Bachelors Degree Program

One of the important reasons to earn a college degree online is the advantage of the flexibility of online courses. It's up to you when to log into the class and there is a lot to be said about being able to participate in a class discussion while sipping your morning coffee or taking care of a newborn!

There is also a great deal of individual discretion when it comes to how long it will take you to complete a degree or when to take specific classes. Despite the convenience there are a couple items to keep in mind when timing an online bachelors degree program.

If you have applied or receive federal, state or other forms of financial assistance then it is important to know what the minimum number of hours or credits are required to receive assistance. This can be particularly tricky because some accredited online bachelors degree programs don't follow the same calendar as the traditional campus. Pay special attention to how many credit hours you register for each term and make sure you understand what term each class will be associated with.

It's also important to find out in advance when each course is offered. Some popular courses are available each and every term but other less common courses may only be offered as little as once a year. This is particularly true for upper level courses that you may need during your junior or senior year so be sure to plan ahead. There are few things more frustrating than finding out a required course won't be offered during the term you hoped to graduate! Take advantage of academic advising for an online degree program during the start of your degree program rather than at the end. All too often students are surprised to learn they cannot graduate when hoped due to a course conflict or unfulfilled requirement.



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