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Assuring Accreditation: Vital to Success When Pursing a Psychology Degree

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Is my psychology program accredited?

Assuring Accreditation: Vital to Success When Pursing a Psychology Degree

Accreditation is vital when contemplating the pursuit of a psychology degree, particularly due to the nature of the field. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately half of all psychologists are in private practice. An even larger number of jobs require a PhD for licensure or to hold top positions in the field. The end result is the need to keep your options open in case you decide to pursue a terminal or PhD. The first step is to clearly define your goal. If you don't have a degree and plan to continue your education then verify the college is accredited. This will allow you to further your education in the future. The sequence of degrees is typically as follows:

• Associates
• Bachelors
• Masters
• Ph.D

As you can see, it can take a lot of education beyond high school in order to obtain a PhD. In order to assure the college you are contemplating will allow you to continue your education at a later date, make sure you are applying for an accredited psychology degree program.



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