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Surviving Engineering Courses

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What should I do to help myself excel in my engineering courses?

Surviving Engineering Courses

Surviving engineering courses is not always an easy feat. The course materials can be quite difficult to comprehend and may also be very challenging. This is especially true with core classes which do not always have an obvious purpose to students. However, there are some methods that make excelling in these classes easier. Specifically, students should plan to attend all required lectures and to do all required reading at the time it is assigned. This will help to ensure the student does not fall too far behind.

Other important tips for conquering difficult engineering courses include forming study groups with other students and working with teacher's assistants when you have difficulty with a particular concept. Working with other students can be very beneficial because you can work through difficult problems together and explain the steps in a way that is easy to understand. Taking advantage of the teaching assistant's office hours can also be useful because he can provide explanations on a one on one basis which enables you to ask questions freely and complete problems at your own pace.



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