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Participating in Accelerated Bachelor Degree Programs

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What should I expect if I participate in an accelerated bachelor degree program?

Participating in Accelerated Bachelor Degree Programs

There are accelerated bachelor degree programs for students who wish to obtain a degree more quickly than normal. This may include older students who have other family, career and social commitments driving them to obtain their degree quickly as well as traditional students who are simply eager to complete their required coursework and obtain their degree. It will typically take approximately four years for a student to obtain a bachelor degree, but there are programs available which make it possible to achieve this goal sooner.

While it is possible to obtain a degree sooner through accelerated bachelor degree programs, it is important for these students to realize there will be a great deal of work involved. Accelerated bachelor degree programs will require a great deal of coursework in a compressed period of time to ensure the student learns the necessary material prior to obtaining a degree.



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