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Paying for an Online Degree Program

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How can I pay for an online university degree program?

Paying for an Online Degree Program

If you are considering returning to college to pursue an online university degree program you're probably also looking for ways to fund it. College tuition is an investment in terms of both time and money. Fortunately, there are many options available when it comes to financing or paying for an online degree.

If you are employed then one of the first places to begin is the HR department of your company. If you are fortunate enough to have tuition reimbursement then find out what is covered and the requirements for reimbursement. Many employers will pay for or reimburse tuition, books and even supplies required to continue your education particularly if the college is accredited and the degree is related to your job.

Standard sources of federal, state and local online bachelors degree financial aid as well as scholarships, grants and loans are all available to students of most accredited colleges and universities. Contact the office of financial aid for the college or university program to request application forms.

Finally, for those who are self-funding or “paying out of pocket” for their education, deferred or installment payment plans are often available. Be sure to inquire with the financial director and fill out the forms in advance.



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