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Choosing an Online University: Find the Perfect Fit to Obtain Your Bachelor Degree

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How to Choose an Online University

Choosing an Online University: Find the Perfect Fit to Obtain Your Bachelor Degree

If you have been considering taking an online course or even completing a bachelor degree program via distance learning then you already know how convenient and practical an online university degree program can be. Choosing an online university isn't the same as choosing a new pair of shoes; choosing the right college can launch your future while choosing the wrong college may result in the loss of time and money! Here is what you need to know to find the perfect fit when choosing an online university.

First, make sure you are dealing with an accredited university or college particularly if you plan to continue your education or transfer credits in the future. The accreditation process ensures the college or university meets acceptable levels of quality. To view a list of accredited online universities visit the United States Department of Education database.

Next, you will want to determine if the degree program you are interested in is available. Remember, it is possible to be accepted to a college or university without being accepted to your specific field of study: Particularly if the program is subject to selective admission or is in a highly competitive field. In that case, you may still be required to apply and be accepted into a specific degree program within that college or university. When choosing a college major within an accredited university degree program be sure to ask if you will be accepted into both the college or university and the degree program of your choice.

Finally, choosing a college is a highly personal decision whether online or in a traditional format. Each college or university has a different look and feel: some accredited degree programs pride themselves on a highly progressive platform whereas others attempt to provide a more traditional format albeit via technology integration. It's important to find the one which reflects your personal level of comfort. Spend time reviewing what each college offers and compare the pro's and con's related to your own preferences. Before signing up request a program outline copies of individual course outlines or syllabi from instructors: most are happy to oblige prospective students.



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