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An Online University Degree Increases Personal and Professional Mobility

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An Online University Degree Increases Personal and Professional Mobility

Most people recognize the benefits of college education when it comes to increased earning potential but few people consider an additional benefit that is rarely recognized: Increased personal and professional mobility. With a global workforce and ever expanding boundaries, mobility is a critical key to success!

A 1998 report published by the Institute for Higher Education Policy found college graduates enjoy increased personal and professional mobility in addition to higher levels of savings and greater incomes. One of the primary benefits of a college degree is the ability to take advantage of opportunities for promotion or higher levels of authority as ones experience and on the job training increase. Many employees with only a high school diploma find they are not able to compete for promotions or positions outside of their current company as they are less qualified than the overall pool of applicants.

This is a particularly important concern in two-income households. It's not uncommon to discover the earning potential of one party may be significantly decreased if forced to relocate for the other spouse to take a new position. Today more than ever mobility is an important lifestyle decision for married couples especially when it comes time to raise children, care for aging parents or simply live in the town or location of their dreams.

When evaluating the benefits of earning a bachelors degree consider the long term consequences for your job and lifestyle. Do you live the town you would like to live in? What happens if you need to move to care for family? Will you and your spouse remain competitive? Take a realistic inventory of your strengths and areas in need of improvement in order to determine the value of obtaining a college degree to your individual situation.



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