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Academic Advising for an Online Degree

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Where to find academic advising for an online degree.

Academic Advising for an Online Degree

Academic advising for an online degree is a problem for most online bachelor degree programs. To put it plain and simple: it's an area that needs work for the vast majority of colleges. Sure they have ample advisors and counselors for onsite students but when it comes time to earn a college degree online many people find they are left out in the cold. One exception to the rule is Penn State who is one of the only distance education providers to have a team of professional advisers on staff to provide academic advising for an online degree. Most online colleges and universities could learn a lesson or two from Penn State's program.

Here is what you should look for when it comes to an academic advisor for an online degree program:

  • clarifying your goals
  • admissions counseling
  • selecting the right courses to meet your program requirements
  • navigating the college or university system from a distance
  • convenient time and methods to contact advisor
Be sure to ask how and where you will have access to an academic advisor for any online degree program you may be considering!



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