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The Online Bachelors Degree Experience

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What is it like to take an online bachelors degree?

The Online Bachelors Degree Experience

Years ago during the infancy of the Internet, the concept of a distance learning degree conjured up images of lonely students sitting in a room staring at text on a computer screen in isolation. Nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to today's online bachelors degree experience!

So, what can you expect from an online bachelors degree experience?

First of all, advances in technology now allow video, audio, chat discussions in real time, online presentations and much more! As with any course, the actual content and method of delivery are up to the discretion and creativity of the individual instructor so be sure to ask for an advanced copy of the syllabus for any course you are interested in taking.

The community of online students is also greatly enhanced at most online degree universities. For instance, Penn State offers newsletters, recognition of student achievements, honor societies and other services for students enrolled in the accredited online bachelors degree programs.

One of the most common questions about the online bachelors degree experience is whether or not a student qualifies to participate in the graduation ceremony. After all of the hard work and effort you certainly have earned it!

Some program have special graduation ceremonies for online degree participants while others like Penn State encourage graduates to participate in the traditional Penn State on-campus commencement ceremonies. Be sure to ask what type of graduation is provided by the college once you have earned your degree.



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