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Technology Degree Programs You Can Earn Online

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What types of technology degree programs are available online?

Technology Degree Programs You Can Earn Online

Whether you are entering college for the first time or a seasoned professional who would like to upgrade your technology skills, there are many online technology degree programs and courses to choose from including some you may have never considered!

Technology skills are in high demand and job growth is expected to remain higher than average through 2014 for all of these fields. If you enjoy technology then here are just a few areas to consider:

  • Computer or Information technology: If you can't get enough of computers and technology then this may be the perfect fit! Computer technology is a broad field and allows you to work in a variety of settings.
  • Instructional technology: Put those technology skills to work teaching others! Schools, colleges, government and corporations need skilled Instructional Technology experts to design and implement training programs.
  • Health Information Technology: For those who would like to put their technology skills to work in a medical related field this is a perfect fit! Medical terminology meets high technology in this growing field.
All of these areas provide additional opportunities for freelance or consulting work for those who desire an alternative employment setting. There are many sub-specialties in each areas so be sure to discuss your options with an academic advisor who can help you explore all available options.



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