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Earning an Online Computer Science Degree

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Is an online computer science degree right for you?

Earning an Online Computer Science Degree

Earning an online computer science degree has never been easier thanks in part to the availability of online technology degree programs. Online programs are convenient, flexible and allow students to pursue a degree while working. An added benefit of taking an online computer science degree program is that you gain valuable practice while taking your courses! Most programs provide financial assistance to those who need it so be sure to complete an application when applying to a program.

An online computer science degree allows the graduate a great deal of flexibility and creativity in terms of the type of work performed and in what capacity. School systems, colleges, government and corporations use computer science graduates in a variety of settings.

According the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job growth is expected to remain above average compared to other careers through 2014. Graduates should have no difficulty finding employment upon graduation and average starting salaries remain higher than most other disciplines. Research by the National Association of Colleges and Employers reports the starting salary for a computer science graduates is $49,036 with top performers earning well into a six figure income after gaining experience.

If you are interested in earning an online computer science degree you will need to complete an application to the college of your choice. It is highly recommended that you speak to an academic advisor or admission counselor early in the application process so that you understand exactly what to expect. Be prepared to send high school or GED transcripts, references, the completed application with the appropriate application fee, and any other specific information requested. Watch out for deadlines! Remember, everything must be included in your application package by certain dates to be admitted by a specific term. It's easy to loose track of everything so make a list and check it frequently!

If you intend to pursue an online computer science degree then do your homework on what employers expect upon graduation. Often small things can make a big difference to land your first job. Use homework assignments to put together a portfolio demonstrating actual examples of your work and begin compiling the portfolio as early as possible. Stay up to date on new technology and skill areas that will be in demand by employers.



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