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Advantages of an Online Psychology Degree

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Is an online psychology degree right for me?

Advantages of an Online Psychology Degree

Pursuing an online psychology degree can be a smart investment both in terms of time and money. Psychology typically requires an advanced degree: minimally a masters' degree but more preferably a doctorate. A doctorate degree requires a minimum of eight to ten years of education beyond high school with all of the associated tuition and fees. It's a major investment of both time and money so anything that allows greater flexibility or the ability to work while going to college is often a practical necessity when contemplating a degree that may take a decade to complete!

Online education has become so widespread that it is now possible to obtain a degree from a top school without the cost of moving away from home. In many cases it's almost impossible to distinguish an online student from a traditional student after the degree has been conferred. Review the rankings of all prospective colleges to determine which degree will give you the most for your money. The results just may surprise you! Finally, an online psychology degree is often the perfect choice for someone who is working in a related field and would like to continue their education or change focus. In this situation you may be eligible for tuition reimbursement so be sure to check with your human resource.



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