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Accredited Psychology Degree Specializations and Concentrations

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What areas of specialization are available in psychology?

Accredited Psychology Degree Specializations and Concentrations

Before attaining an accredited degree in psychology, it's important to have a specialization or concentration in mind. Psychology is a large field and requires a tremendous amount of time to gain expertise, even within a narrow focus.

Here are a few of the more common areas of specialization to consider when pursuing your degree in Psychology:
• Clinical Psychology
• Human Factors Psychology
• Counseling Psychology
• Industrial/Organizational Psychology
• Developmental Psychology
• Neuro-Psychology
• Educational Psychology
• Physiological Psychology
• Environmental Psychology
• School Psychology
• Experimental Psychology
• Social Psychology
• Forensic Psychology
• Sports Psychology
• Health Psychology

Try to decide upon an area of specialization as early as possible in your course of study so that you are able to take all available pre-requisite courses and supporting classes. However, also spend some time exploring various options to make sure you will enjoy the specialization. Speak to an academic advisor in your department to determine whether a specific course of study will fit your needs. For example, some forms of psychology require a greater emphasis on statistics and analysis which may not be the best course of study for someone who doesn't enjoy taking a lot of statistic courses. If you plan to pursue an advanced degree, be sure to review graduate courses in the concentrations or specializations you may consider. This allows you to be prepared for what's ahead!



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