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Consider These Cool Careers With Psychology Degree Credentials

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What can I do with a degree in psychology?

Consider These Cool Careers With Psychology Degree Credentials

A bachelor's degree in psychology used to be the first step toward becoming a therapist or perhaps establishing your own private practice. However, there are a few pioneers challenging tradition by forging ahead in some very cool careers with psychology degree credentials.

Online Moderator: This unusual position didn't even exist a decade ago, so it's no surprise that most people have never heard of it, much less considered it as a potential source of income! Online moderators work in a variety of areas, including health information sites and online focus groups. Strong people skills combined with the ability to effectively communicate via technology is essential.

Online Tutor: This position, which has become popular with the advent of the Internet, requires strong research and communication skills. Online tutors provide assistance to both children and adults in a variety of settings. A background check is often required prior to working with children.

Electronic Discovery Experts: For those who enjoy sleuthing, this may be the perfect combination of psychology and research. Electronic discovery experts are employed in various settings, including law enforcement and recruiting.

Corporate or Personal Trainer, Life Coach and Motivational Speakers: It's all about people so it should come as no surprise that the ability to motivate and inspire others comes naturally to many psychology degree candidates.

Marketing Expert: Psychology provides an exceptional foundation for many areas of marketing, especially for those who have strong technology or other related skills.



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