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Criminal Justice Degree Salary Variations

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What type of salary can I expect with a criminal justice degree?

Criminal Justice Degree Salary Variations

Graduates with a degree in criminal justice are likely to experience a large fluctuation in salaries depending on factors such as their title and their location. Criminal justice degree salary variations can fluctuate widely and it is not possible to pinpoint an average salary for graduates with this type of degree. Some of the significant variables will include the graduate's title, as well as his location.

Title is very important in determining salary requirements for graduates with a degree in criminal justice. This is because graduates with this type of degree may fulfill a variety of roles in the workplace. Positions such as those requiring specialized skills may typically be associated with higher wages while positions of minimal responsibility are often associated with lower wages.

Additionally, the graduate's location factors into the salary equation as well. This is because salary is often closely related to cost of living which can vary widely throughout the country. In general, large metropolitan areas have a higher cost of living and therefore those working in these areas are typically compensated more handsomely than those working in areas with a lower cost of living such as rural areas and areas with a depressed economy.



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