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Gaining Admission to a Criminal Justice Degree Program

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How do I get into a criminal justice degree program?

Gaining Admission to a Criminal Justice Degree Program

Gaining admission to a criminal justice degree program is very similar to the process of being admitted to any degree program. Ideally, the student should begin the process by researching different programs and compiling a list of requirements for admission. Once this is completed and the student has narrowed his search down to a few programs, it is time to begin the application process. The general requirements for admission will likely include submitting an application form, transcripts and an application fee.

The application form for admission to a criminal justice degree program is usually not a difficult form to complete but it will require the student to submit relevant information such as name, contact information, social security number and previous education. It may also require the student to complete a personal statement which can be used to evaluate the student's interest in the program as well as his ability to succeed. There may also be a section on the application for submitting letters of recommendation.

Most degree programs have specific pre-requisites. This will likely include completion of a high school education and in some cases may include some career training. Submission of official transcripts and standardized test scores are typically required as proof of meeting these prerequisites.

Finally, an application fee is usually required for consideration to a criminal justice degree program. This fee will likely vary from one program to another but students can expect fees to be relatively similar. However, in some cases a program may have fees which are significantly higher or lower than the average. In these cases the student will have to determine whether or not it is worthwhile to submit an application.



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