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Communication Degree Careers in Broadcasting

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What types of careers in broadcasting can I pursue with a communication degree?

Communication Degree Careers in Broadcasting

In general, a communications degree can be used to pursue a wide variety of career options. However, specifically within the field of broadcasting, communication degree careers can include many different options. These options can range from technical off-air positions to writing positions and even to positions as on-air personalities.

Some graduates with a degree in communications wish to pursue an interest in the technical aspect of broadcasting. They may wish to work as technicians, camera persons, producers, directors or editors. These behind the scenes careers are critical to the success of any radio or television program.

Other recent communication degree graduates who do not wish to work on-air may enjoy careers which focus on writing. This may include a number of different disciplines such as journalism, scriptwriting or any other copywriting required by the program.

Finally, some communications degree graduates which to pursue an on-air career. This may include positions such as anchorperson, disc jockey field reporter or even traffic reporter. Competition for these positions can be fierce and the most qualified candidates are those who have obtained a degree in communications from an accredited school with a solid reputation.



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