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What Can I Do with a Communications Degree?

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What can I do with a communications degree?

What Can I Do with a Communications Degree?

The options are endless when you graduate with a communications degree. Unlike other degree programs, which have a limited amount of career options available to recent graduates, those with a degree in communications will find they have an assortment of career options available to them. An example of just some of the career options for students who obtain a communications degree includes editor, media specialist, advertising executive, copywriter, journalist, columnist, technical writer, publisher, reporter, speech writer, broadcast technician, disc jockey, producer, video engineer, public relations specialist or lobbyist.

Students who obtain a communications degree can essentially apply the skills they learned while pursuing a degree to a number of different types of media including print, radio and video. While students may choose to concentrate on one particular communication medium while in school, their general educational training makes them eligible for consideration in an assortment of professions.



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