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Online Degree Requirements

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What are the requirements for obtaining an online degree?

Online Degree Requirements

The requirements for obtaining an online degree will vary depending on the type of degree you are pursuing. However, it is important to realize the degree requirements for your online degree will likely be very similar to the requirements for students obtaining a similar degree from a traditional school. The degree requirements should include items such as participation in lectures, completion of assignments and projects and passing tests related to the course material. The ability to complete the assignments and pass the tests will likely entail the student spending time outside the regular lectures doing additional reading and studying.

The online degree requirements should be the same for all students. However, students who have already completed relevant courses with another school or program may be able to apply these credits towards obtaining a degree. There may be some restrictions on whether or not this previous coursework will be accepted. These restrictions may be based on when the coursework was completed, the grade which was received in the relevant course as well as the institution from which the credits were obtained.



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