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Finding a Legitimate Online Degree Program

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How do I know if an online degree program is legitimate?

Finding a Legitimate Online Degree Program

For many students, finding a legitimate online degree program is a significant concern. Obtaining degrees online is becoming increasingly popular, however, with this rise in popularity also comes a rise in false or scam online degree programs. This makes it increasingly difficult for those who are interested in pursuing an online degree to wade through the available options and find legitimate options which meet their needs.

Following are a few simple tips that can make it easier to determine whether or not an online degree program is legitimate:

  • Seeking out online programs affiliated with well known schools
  • Seeking out online programs which require completion of assignments and participation in lectures
  • Seeking out online programs which require application for acceptance into the program
  • Avoiding online programs which charge a fixed rate to obtain a degree as opposed to a rate based on the number of credit hours taken
  • Avoiding online programs which award degrees without completion of coursework
  • Avoiding online programs which are not associated with an accredited school



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