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Email your professor in an online master's degree program

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What are some tips for emailing my professor

Email your professor in an online master's degree program

Exchanging emails with professors has become as common as the office visit used to be. These tips can help students pursuing an online master's degree build a solid electronic relationship with your professor.

1. Keep messages short and to the point. Your professor may receive many emails in the course of a day and staying on topic can help get you a quicker response.

2. Use a meaningful subject line. Subject lines like "Hi," or "I have a question," don't tell your reader what the email is about. Use specifics like, "HLS 410, Question About Chapter 2."

3. Use care when sending attachments. Be sure they are in a format that your receipient can open. Make sure anything you send is clean of viruses.

4. Be patient. Once you've sent an email, give the receipient 24 hours to reply. Not everyone checks their email on an hourly basis and professors, in particular, may be limited to checking email during certain hours of the day.



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