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Buying software for an online course

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How can I save money on the software I need to take an online course?

Buying software for an online course

The courses you take for your Master's degree in oil and gas engineering management may require you to purchase software. Did you know that if you have a valid student ID from a college or university, you are entitled to purchase educational versions of most popular software at a reduced cost? The discount can be significant. For example, Microsoft Office Professional 2003 carries a list price of $499.00, but the educational version costs only $189.98. That's more than a 50% discount. The educational version of most software packages is fully functional and have no expiration date. Some companies allow you to use the educational versions of their software for commercial use, but most need to be upgraded to a professional version before you can legally use them in any money-making capacity. Microsoft, Adobe, Corel, Intuit and Macromedia all offer educational versions of most of their software along with many other companies. Students pursuing an online master's degree in oil and gas engineering management can purchase educational versions of software at online stores (such as JourneyEd), from the manufacturer or at their university bookstore.



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