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Work-Life-School balance

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How do I create a classroom at home?

Work-Life-School balance

When you're juggling a full-time teaching career and a family, it's hard to make time to attend class, let alone study. Students enrolled in online degree programs have the additional challenge of courses that may not meet on a fixed schedule, but require self-discipline in order to carve out the necessary time. Creating your own “classroom” at home can help you get into the right frame of mind for learning, as well as send a signal to friends and family that you are “at school.” Choose a quiet room with good lighting and a door that closes for your at-home “classroom.” Invest in a comfortable, ergonomic office chair. Have all your books, supplies and computer equipment easily accessible. When it's time for class, turn off your cell phone and enlist the help of your spouse to keep interruptions by children, pets or telephone calls to a minimum.



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