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Proctored exams

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How do I find a proctor to administer an examination?

Proctored exams

At some point during your online education, you may be expected to take what is called a proctored exam. This is a supervised examination administered by a person who is pre-qualified by the university to ensure that the exam is taken fairly and under the conditions that the university specifies. If you are near a campus, most universities allow online students to take proctored exams in their on-campus testing center. Some large universities have off-campus, satellite testing centers with proctors on duty. For online students who are not near a campus or satellite testing center, certified public school teachers, community college professors, military officers and members of the clergy can substitute for a qualified university proctor. Check with your online MBA program for the list of qualifications they require for proctors and line up your proctor well in advance of your examination.



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