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Career building with an online degree in Adult Education

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What can I do with a degree in Adult Education?

Career building with an online degree in Adult Education

Teachers are not the only people who can benefit from an advanced degree in Adult Education, though they frequently seek advanced degrees to learn the latest trends and techniques. Human resource professionals are frequently tasked with the responsibility of working with adult learners in a corporate setting. Social service professionals often conduct job-training, English as a second language and basic literacy courses for adult learners. Professional associations often employ trainers to assist their members in keeping their industry certifications up-to-date. If you're one of the following types of professionals, an advanced online degree in Adult Education could help advance your career:

Corporate trainer
Human resources professional
Community college instructor
ESOL or basic literacy instructor
Social worker
Military trainer
Community service provider

If you're employed in one of the jobs listed above, you may also be eligible for employer-assistance with the costs of your education.



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