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The Work Environment of a Nurse

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What kind of environment does a nurse work in?

The Work Environment of a Nurse

The working environment of a nurse varies, depending on the type of nurse and the place of employment. However, it is very typical of a nurse to work long hours at odd times. It isn't uncommon for a nurse to work a 12-hour shift, have a day off, and then back on for another long day/night. The environment can be hectic and high-pressure, as nurses are depended on to make quick decisions, follow a strict protocol, and care for the sick and injured. In some cases, such as when caring for someone with an infectious disease, the nurse's work environment can be dangerous. However, the emotional benefits can be rewarding. In addition to providing medical attention, a nurse provides moral support to the patient and the patient's friends and family. Your training while earning a nursing degree inclass or online will help prepare you for these types of working environments.



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