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Education Online -- Now for Master's Degrees as Well

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Education Online -- Now for Master's Degrees as Well

Have you decided to get your masters degree online, but aren't sure where to start? Even though the prospect of getting your master's degree may seem daunting, more institutions than ever are offering advanced degrees in some of the hottest fields, like information technology, nursing, education, and business.

Before deciding on an online school to receive your master's degree, you need to do your research. Because you have likely decided to get your master's degree to accelerate your career, consider talking to a few hiring managers about what online schools they have heard of. Try to find professionals in the field you want to work in who have received their degrees online. Where did their careers lead them, and how did they enjoy their online program?

You should also lay out what your personal needs are in a master's degree program. How flexible do you need your schedule to be? Do you prefer a rigid schedule or to learn at your own pace? You should ask students how they feel about the faculty, and you should make sure the faculty you would be studying under are experts in their fields. You should also consider program length; some schools allow you to take four years to earn your master's, others offer shorter options. Consider how quickly you expect to earn your degree.

Also keep in mind that just as with bachelor's degree programs, accreditation of the online university is of the utmost importance. Remember, accreditation is not mandatory, so be sure to research whether or not the schools you are considering are accredited.



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