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Scheduling Study Time for an Online Nursing Degree

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Worried about returning to school for your online nursing degree?

Scheduling Study Time for an Online Nursing Degree

If it has been a few years since you took classes then it's natural to feel a little overwhelmed when first returning to school. One of the biggest problems for new students enrolled in any online degree program, including an online nursing degree, is how to set aside study time. Here are a few tips that will help ease the transition between work and study:

  1. Plan ahead. You should already have your schedule of nursing courses online as outlined with an academic advisor but don't neglect asking for advance copies of course outlines as well. This will allow you to plan your schedule in advance – especially those large projects!
  2. Set aside a special time of day to study. Make sure everyone knows this is your study time and there can be no interruptions unless it's a dire emergency.
  3. Find your personal space. Approach your study time like you would a small luxury. Make sure the area is pleasant, well lit and comfortable. Bring your favorite beverage or a small treat. Not enough to disrupt but just enough to make it something you look forward to!
  4. Begin small and don't be too tough on yourself! Especially at the beginning you may not have the focus and concentration to complete an entire task all at once. Set aside small blocks of work to perform and then give yourself a break. Gradually work up to longer blocks of time.



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