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Purchasing books for an online course

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Where can I order textbooks for my online course?

Purchasing books for an online course

There are advantages to purchasing books at the campus bookstore including availability of used textbooks, book buy-back programs and the number of books in stock. However, students pursuing an online degree in oil and gas engineering management may not have easy access to the university bookstore. Luckily, there are many online resources for purchasing textbooks, many of which can save you money in the bargain. The big-name booksellers like Amazon and Barnes & Noble carry many standard textbooks at prices lower than most university bookstores. For more specialized texts, there are online booksellers that specialize in college textbooks. You can also check eBay for used versions, but be sure that you check to make sure that the version you purchase is the version being used in the course you are taking. If all else fails and you can't find the book you need, call the university bookstore and see if they offer shipping for master's degree students studying oil and gas engineering management.



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